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Modes of Training
As the world shrinks, it is a time for professionals to grow. Only the best training, grooming and academics pave the way for teacher's job. At RDKM the faculty does more than just teach, they help the mind to broaden. The vision is to be more focused and developed with high inherent skills and strengths. RDKM seeks innovative classroom practices, challenging problems & their attempted solutions, evaluation for diagnosing and assessing learner's achievements, innovative lesson plans, improvised experiments, teaching aids including use of multimedia information technology in improving quality of teaching. We offer a learning environment unparalleled in terms of academic ambience. It adorns a fully networked campus with growing body of knowledge cultivated by highly qualified faculty which is a result of rigorous selection panel and team of visiting professors for delivering lectures on their respective subjects.
Extensive Co-curricular Activities

Students are equipped with communication, organization & entrepreneurial skills through co-curricular activities to face the modern day competitive world. The co-curricular activities help in developing a balanced personality for all teacher trainees. Planned activities include National Festivals and National Days e.g. Independence Day, Diwali, Christmas, Republic Day, Id and Holi etc. Periodic Workshops on Lesson planning, Value education, Health Hygiene are being organized from time to time.

The students of RDKM also have a special privilege to attend Scouts/ Guides camp. The programme includes a lot of fun, and serious activities such as outdoor games, rock climbing, tent-pitching, para sailing, ball rolling, rifle shooting, march past, route marches and parade drill. The main objective of organizing these programmes are to make students disciplined, physically fit and aware of their national responsibilities. They are provided with a certificate of training too. Time to time competitions such as Best out of Waste, Debate, Rangoli, Dance etc. are also organized.

Moral Education
With an aim to develop a character of steel, the emphasis is on providing sound training and correct values so that the teacher trainees would be able to squarely face the challenges and temptations of this materialistic world of tomorrow. Traditional Indian values blended with the novel values are stressed upon. Qualities like patience and tolerance are being inculcated in the coming-up teachers. The birthdays of all the great leaders, national and religious festivals are celebrated to make students aware of the rich heritage and legacy of our country. Classes on meditation and yoga are organized under the able supervision of the experts.
Seminars & Panel Discussions
Eminent experts and noted scholars are invited time to time to share their rich experiences with the teacher trainees in order to enhance their knowledge, never the less, the trainees are acquainted with the latest teaching methods, techniques and skills during the seminar period.

Educational Excursions & Trips

Curriculum based excursion and trips are organised twice a year. Teacher trainees are taken to the places of educational, historical and national importance.




  • Attendance requirement are very strictly adhered to at R.D.K.M. B.Ed. students are required to attend 75% of total theory and practical classes.
  • Students of B.T.C. Course are required to complete 90% of total theory and practical classes.

Internal Assessment:

  • Each student is required to submit two assignments in each subject during the session.
  • Two internal examinations are conducted at R.D.K.M., one in the mid session and second at the end of the session.
  • Co-curricular and extracurricular activities are also organised as per schedule. Students are evaluated according to their performance in these activities.

  • Communicative English for enhancing communication skills in personal and professional contexts, Communicative English is the integral part of teaching learning process. 
  • Computer education is imparted to students of rdkm to compete in the technologically advanced society.
  • For grooming the students facility for Dance & Music is also provided on the college campus.



There is guidance and counselling cell in the institution under the inchargeship of a lecturer which was established in the year 2008. This cell provides guidance and counselling service to the students. The areas covered under guidance and counselling cell are academic, personal and career related.


Grievance procedure is a process for setting or redressing a person's problem in any organization. Occurrence of problems is a common phenomenon inspite of the best of efforts of all concerned. Although Rama Devi Kanya Mahavidyalaya is committed to provide best teacher education to budding teachers, but still students face problems. The grievances of the students are mitigated effectively by Grievance Redressal cell.