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                                                                                                                                                                                    Oct27at 11:14AM
Dear Sir/Madam,


Thank you for online registration and online payment for the e-Monitoring of websites.
For the next process please find the following link of Module:

Note: After opening the portal through this link, Institution will be able to login and access the rnodul.e using the same user-id and password which was used for logging in to make online payment a IflstitUtiofl Will be able to access the modules only after online registration and online payment.
     .     TEls shall fill and upload the required information in the modules.
     .     From the date of releasing of module, TEls shall be given one month for filling and uploading the required information. On last day from the            date ofreleasing of modules, your data will be submitted automatically and process will be freezed.
    .      TEls are free to submit data prior to 1 month after filling and uploading required information
    .      Based on Submitted data, Assessment report will be automatically generated with reference to NCTE norms and regulation.
    .      This report will be sent to NCTE. Based on Report, desired action or suggestion might be taken/given by NCTE.
    .      In the last module competent person will certify that all filled and uploaded information are given truly to best ofhis or her knowledge.
    .      At the last after submitting of all required information in the Mõdules, QCI will provide institution Weblink/URL of details (submitted            through modules to QCI) in prescribed format ofNCTE. This URL shall be then embedded by Institutions in their respective Websites.            Thus Institution shall provide access to relevant information directly through their Website to students and general public.

Please free to revert in case of any clarifications.

Telephone Number: +91-1 1-2332-3416, +91-1 1-2332-3417, +91-1 1-2332-3418, +91-11-2332-3419, +91-1 1-2332-3420, +91-11-2332-3421
Extensions: 141, 125, 142
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                                                                E-Monitoring Acknowledgement Slip

                                                                   Registration No                 :TE1EM002289

                                                                    Institute Name                   :RAMA DEVI KANYA MAHAVIDYALAYA

                                                                   Email                                   :rdkm_noida_2006@yahoo. corn

                                                                   Mobile                                  :9811206110

                                                                   Transaction ID                    :266353357

                                                                    Merchant RefNo                  :1610270934464

                                                                    Transaction Mode                :Online

                                                                   Transaction Status               :0300 - success

                                                                   Transaction Date                 : 27-10-2016

                                                                    Payment                               :3150.00